Why You Should Buy A Food Scale For A Healthier Lifestyle

Why You Should Buy A Food Scale For A Healthier Lifestyle

If you’re determined enough to go on a healthy diet to get rid of that belly bulge or the pesky love handles, your foremost priority is going to be watching your calories and portion size.

One of the best ways to keep things from going out of control when you're preparing your on-diet meal is using a food scale.

A food scale can you keep you honest. It is vital to understand that a majority of people consume servings that are particularly larger than recommended. And that doesn’t help lose weight – it will just derail all your efforts.

Strawberries on a kitchen scale.

Food and kitchen scales help control the portions you eat and indicate when you’re crossing the recommended level of calories that you have planned throughout the day.

The best part about portion control and kitchen scales is the fact you can use them for a variety of meal or diet plans – especially diets that specify how many ounces of a particular food or ingredient you need to consume each day.

There is no doubt that the people who control how much they eat were significantly more successful at shedding weight and belly fat compared to individuals who plan meals on a whim.

Using Kitchen Scales For Weight Loss

When you're going on a diet – the most critical factor to consider is how you measure the food you're going to eat. You need to understand how to measure your portion size correctly. Food scales are instrumental in identifying the precise weight of a food item of the ingredient.

For example, what you thought weighed 5-oz may, in turn, weigh 9-oz.  That is precisely the type of error that can blow your diet plan out of proportion, and you will feel as if you aren't getting anywhere.

Experts stress that a kitchen scale is the best food measuring device you require – however, you will also need things like measuring cups and spoons to be on-point with your meal plans throughout the day.

Food scales are ideal for calculating the weight of meat - which should ideally weigh in around three ounces per serving. 

It will also help measure the weight of the cheeses you consume – which should be one and a half ounces per serving.

Woman measuring her weight on a scale.

Measuring cups are best for weighing things like boiled or steamed rice and cooked pasta as well as vegetables and fruits.

Typically, you will measure your meal portions after you have cooked everything. But a food scale will also come in considerably handy if you’re planning meals using different recipes that involve using food items and ingredients that have a specific weight.

Measuring Portion Sizes Using A Food Scale While Dining Out

One of the best things about a food scale is that you can gradually identify what certain food items and meals weigh so that you can control your calories when you’re dining out. Sure, you can carry measuring cups and spoons, but that isn't a convenient way to travel. 

When you start weighing meat in your food scale, you will start to visualize how a 3-oz piece of steak appears. You will be able to recognize the amount of food served on your plate. For instance, a single serving of meat has a size not different than a deck of playing cards. And the pasta you eat should fit inside your palm.

Once you get in the habit of measuring food at home, visualizing what you eat outside will become easier. As per data, people who are more familiar with portion sizes make the best decisions when it comes to eating at a café or a restaurant.

Selecting A Food Scale To Lose Weight

Food scales come in a variety of sizes, materials, and functionalities. You can go on a mechanical scale or a digital scale that display accurate information about how much calories and nutrition you are consuming. However, there are some basic rules to choosing the right food scale:

  • Should fit your budget
  • Should have a clear display so that you can read the information well
  • Should come with accessories such as a measuring bowl
  • Should be easy to maintain, clean and store

There is no sense in buying an expensive food scale if you’re going just keep it away in a cupboard. Even if you plan to make it a prominent part of your diet plan, it is still wise to opt for a less costly option.

Types Of Food Scales You Can Buy

You will be surprised to know that out of control portion sizes has been the foremost driving factor to have increased the obesity rate in the US. This fact came out in a study conducted by the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

Different kitchen scales.

The research further identified that a majority of Americans do not have an excellent clue about the differences between their serving size and the total portion size.

Using a feature-packed kitchen and food scale can be a perfect start to helping you identify the right serving size to help shed some weight and burn negative calories.

In light of this, mentioned below are three different types of food scales on the market:

Digital Food Scales

You can use a digital food scale to accurately measure the total mass and weight of a food item or object. It will help you make sure that you can correctly measure everything to bake or prepare any recipe for your weight loss efforts.

Moreover, digital food scales can also help considerably cut down on the total time it takes you to prepare your meals by enabling you to measure exactly how much of anything you need – you don't have to waste time guessing or doing research.

Apart from food, you can also use a digital food scale to measure items such as jewelry and small packages.

Digital kitchen scales are inbuilt with a variety of weight settings – for example, you can weigh food items in ounces, pounds or grams as well as kilograms. With a compact and portable design, they don’t take a lot of space and easy to store, clean and maintain. They are simple to operate, and a lot of models are in-built with automatic off/on features.

Moreover, some digital food scales also store data such as your daily caloric readings and may also enable you to feed your recipes and meal plan into the machine for added convenience.

Digital scales also have LED display and slip and skid resistant thanks to their rubber soles. Always go for a digital product that has a big weighing space. However, you need to keep these products away from water because of the electrical circuitry.

Manual Food Scales

While digital kitchen scales are either electronic or run on long-lasting batteries, mechanical food scales feature a spring system and a rotating pin mechanism, which is what helps indicate the weight of a certain food item or ingredient.

You may have seen analog food scales in deli and meat shops. While there aren't many advantages of a mechanical kitchen scale, especially when you compare it with its digital counterpart, they can come in handy.

For example, while digital scales do have accessories like a large bowl for measuring food items, analog machines can weigh up to 16-oz of ingredients and food products. The spring system is ideal for hefty items, such as meatloaf, hunter beef, ribs, bulky fruits and vegetables – such as watermelon and whatnot.

Moreover, they are significantly budget-friendly compared to digital food scales, and they are easy to clean and maintain. You can wash the scale with mild dishwashing soap and some lukewarm or cold water.

However, regarding functionality and convenience – especially when you talk about weight loss, a mechanical food scale may not help you at all because they aren't just as accurate as digital products. Digital and smart food scales are built-in with sensitivity mechanisms that can measure the exact weight of any food item.

It will be hard for you prepare a weight loss recipe in an analog food scale because you’d have to involve some guesswork as well.

Smart Food Scales

Smart kitchen scales are cutting-edge devices packed with state of the art features to help you prepare your favorite recipes with significant ease. Not to mention, it is ideal for people who plan to or are on a diet.

Smart food scale used for a muffin.

Smart food scales are built-in with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to directly feed your recipes and meal program into the machine for convenient access and preparation. Simply put, these machines do all the work for you.

A little bit on the pricey side, smart scales can help you measure and store your day to day caloric intake. You can practically measure each meal you have throughout the day. These food scales can help you lose two to four pounds of fat per week or help you sustain your current weight maintenance goals. 

Moreover, smart food scales are fantastic for people with diabetes. You can now calculate the amount of sugar, carbohydrates, and calories in all your meals. Plus, you can connect with the smart scales using your smartphone and tablets via an application.

Using the application, you can gain access to a comprehensive database to conduct thorough research on low glycemic foods.

The same goes for average weight watchers and those with weight loss and fitness goals. These devices will provide you a complete nutritional chart and information on everything you eat. Moreover, smart scales also enable you to track your meal plans. 

Furthermore, you don't need accessories like spoons and cups to measure anything with a smart food scale. You can use the application and smartphone to feed each ingredient. The machine will tell you the exact calorie count of every food item, quickening meal preparation. 

That is good news for bodybuilders. If you're doing some lean muscle building, you can use a smart food scale to measure the total fat content of the meal you consume. Also, measure the total amount of positive carbohydrates and proteins in all your meals. Always keep your finger on your daily caloric count, ensuring there is never a deficit pre or post workout.

The Applications Of A Kitchen Scale

More people are now focusing on a healthier lifestyle. And with widespread obesity awareness, Americans are beginning to resort to healthy meal choices and are growing ever so watchful of their daily caloric count. That is primarily where the kitchen scale comes into play.

A previously neglected kitchen tool, the food scale has made a tremendous comeback and has been helping people prepare healthily, and calorie measured meals on a daily basis. In light of this, mentioned below are some common applications of the tool:


One of the most common reasons why people fail to make soft, delicious and cookies that melt in your mouth is because of a tough base, and this happens when you add too much flour. Moreover, it can be a nightmare measuring the total amount of flour you need using basic measuring cups.

Flour in a kitchen scale.

If you ask a couple of cooks measure a cup of flour and level it and check the outcome, there is no question each cook will come up with a range of four to seven ounces!

No two home cooks will use a measuring cup the same. But if you start using a kitchen scale to measure the mass of the four and not its volume, you will be able to drastically enhance the flavor and quality of the items you bake overnight.

Plus, weighing everything will eliminate any guesswork – especially the fact that you won’t have to eat yourself up guessing whether just to dip the cup into the canister or just lightly spoon the ingredient into the cup.

For Preparing Different Recipes

It is easy to prepare your favorite snacks and meals using a kitchen scale. Just use a container you would prefer to measure all the ingredients in and mark it with a permanent marker. Next up, measure every ingredient before you cook anything. For example, if your diet requires 6-oz of meat, then this is the weight before it goes into the frying pan or the oven. 

You can use the scale and not your measuring spoons or cups for all your ingredients. A majority of recipes come labeled with the weight as well as the measure of ingredients.

You can measure everything using different bowls and prepare every ingredient in half the time it usually takes you. Food scales have made cooking easy as pie.

Calorie Counting

The best thing about food scales is the fact that you can accurately weigh everything and track your meals and diet on a consistent and daily basis to avoid a caloric deficit. You can even store the information in the machine so that you don’t need to remember it every day you prepare a healthy meal.

That is important because you may never remember if you have taken a bite of someone else’s sandwich or nibble at a donut.

After you have gathered how many calories you consume in a day, you can go with two options: reducing the calories to enable your metabolism to burn fat and excess calories naturally or you can increase your calorie count, but you will need to put in a lot of strenuous workouts.

Why Should You Trust Mass And Not Volume When It Comes To Food?

That is a very good question indeed. Sure, measuring cups and spoons are effective in some cases, but they are a drag in a majority of cases.

Here is why you should go with mass and not volume:

Copper measuring cups.

You Can Save Plenty Of Time

No need to worry about leveling your measuring spoons or cups anymore. All you have to do is place the bowl on top of the food scale, set it to zero and weigh all your food items one by one, ingredient by ingredient.

After measuring the total weight of one ingredient, reset the tare and add the second ingredient, which is a lot convenient and simpler compared to traditional methods.

Precision And Accuracy

Volume measuring your ingredients will almost always be different each time you measure the same ingredients in the same recipe! For instance, there is no way of telling whether or not you have overshot a cup of chocolate powder by a couple of teaspoons.

You might tap the top of the canister for leveling it, or the cup inside the canister might be out of sight. A food scale can eliminate these problems if you just weight the amount of chocolate powder required.

Portion Size Stability And Consistency With Recipe

If you measure all the ingredients with precision every single time – there is absolutely no way the recipe will turn out differently. How do you think your favorite food taste the same every time you order them in your favorite restaurants?

But when you’re talking about diet control and weight loss, you can use the kitchen scale to accurately divide separate portions of the meal, designating them to a different batch.

Easy Maintenance And Clean Up

 Measuring stuff like mayonnaise, peanut butter, corn syrup and whatnot can be a pretty messy endeavor. You have to use a lot of dishes if you measure by volume. However, measuring the total weight of such ingredients will employ the use of significantly lesser dishes – which translates to time saved cleaning up!

Can A Kitchen Scale Help You Lose Weight

Another in-depth question – losing weight is all about counting calories and tracking meal plan on a consistent day to day basis. You can’t use traditional measuring cups and spoons to do that – because well, they do provide reliability measurements!

The best way to lose weight by counting your daily caloric intake is to use a food scale and here is how it will help you on your weight loss journey:

Weight Is The Basis For Information About Nutritional Content

Accurately weighing your food every day help you understand just how many calories you are consuming and absorbing. For example, let's assume you are munching on ¼ cup of peanuts – however, you have to understand that the number of calories in those peanuts will considerably vary if they’re roasted, chopped, sliced, broken or whole.

Nutrition facts on a scale.

So, to steer clear of all the confusion, why not just measure what you’re eating so that you can track the calories?

Staple Food Serving Sizes Can Be Highly Inaccurate

Yes, that is true! For instance, you may hear or read that one whole sweet potato when slightly baked, has a total caloric count 100. However, this number is for a four-ounce potato. But it was determined that a medium-sized sweet potato weight approximately eight ounces – which means you calories have just doubled!

That is essentially why food scale is so vital.

You Will Get A Precision-Based Measurement Of Packaged Food Items

That is important, especially when you talk about munching on common snack items such as chips, cookies, snack mixes and all another manner of packaged food items. The label will mention the weight of a particular packaged snack item as well as measurement, based on approximation.

 For instance, the package label may read that a single ounce of the food item contains 150 calories, which is close to ten chips. However, if you put all those ten chips on the food scale and measure the weight, you will see that one once translated into seven chips. What does that mean?

Well, it means if you had eaten those extra three chips, your caloric intake would not b 150, but it would amount to 215 calories! That is a tremendous difference!

Bottom Line

So there you go – everything thing you need to know about the tremendous viability of food scales and how they can help you prepare healthy recipes as well keep your weight in check. But at the same time, it is vital to select the best possible products – items that can last you an extended period and are feature-packed.

Nuts measured on a kitchen scale.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

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