A Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Kitchen Scale

A Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Kitchen Scale

If you love to cook and bake, you must know how important it is to measure all ingredients accurately. Even an ounce or gram more can make a great deal of difference, particularly if you are preparing delicacies. That’s why a kitchen scale is a handy device to ensure that all ingredients are perfectly proportioned to materialize complicated recipes.

Moreover, a kitchen scale is a crucial tool for people who like to take care of their diet. People who like to monitor their calorie intake can also benefit from this product to weigh the ingredients they are using.

Thanks to advancements in design and technology; most of today’s kitchen scales are manufactured to be tucked safely in a cabinet or drawer. Hence, you can keep them anywhere you want and store them safely when they are not in use.

Kitchen scales.

You can take your cooking passion to the next level by investing into a professional-grade cooking scale. Once, you get accustomed to it; you will get a fair idea of healthy portion sizes.

This way you can trick your brain into healthy eating and make better food choices. People who have a hard time controlling their portion sizes and can't switch to healthy food have reported several benefits of a kitchen scale.

Not only, it is a great way of calculating the weight of any food; it also breaks down its nutritional value so you can ditch a large bowl of pasta for a piece of salmon. 

Most modern kitchen scales come with a simple and touch features so consumers can easily get instant and accurate results. You can also switch your weighing options to change ounces to grams.

Apart from intuitive features, a clear display and a sturdy built; there are a few other features that you must consider on a kitchen scale. In this buying guide, we aim to provide you all the necessary facts you need to know before buying a kitchen scale.

We have also recommended a few products to make your buying process even easier. Here are a few models that are considered the best kitchen scales for baking, cooking and healthy eating.

Best Smart Kitchen Food Scales

Winner - Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale By Greater Goods

The Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale from Greater Goods proudly emerges as the winner in our recommendation list. The scale is equipped with all the right features and sports a contemporary design to please even the most demanding of customers. The tool is a great scale and also serves as an accurate nutritional calculator.

Since, the scale gives you a clear picture of all the sugars, carbs, fats and other nutrients; there is no reason why you should settle for a mediocre kitchen scale when you have this one around for a decent price tag.

The tool allows you to keep track of your calories without having to refer to labels.

The product comes with four precision weighing sensors to give you the maximum accuracy for assessing the food you eat. Thanks to its capabilities, users can even evaluate the smallest of portions.

One of the best features of the tool is that the nutrition facts have up to 2000 foods. You can benefit from custom entries and get even more out of this machine. Just insert the food code to weigh your food without having to use complicated features.

Greater Goods Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale and Portions Nutritional Facts Display

source: greatergoods.com

Users love it for its convenient to clean and tough glass top surface. With touchpad keys, the scale is engineered to work with any diet to offer the facts you want to know for keeping tabs on your portion sizes. Its sturdy tempered glass top is built to support a weight up to 5kg.

Thanks to a Tare/Zero function, you can also measure messier ingredients in a bowl. With scratch-resistant and non-slip feet, the tool offers incredible durability. You can also easily switch between ounces, pounds or grams.

Buyers who have purchased the Nourish Food Scale love it for its features, sleek design, and accurate information. The product holds an impressive rating score and has garnered a fair share of positive review s from over 500 customers on Amazon. You can purchase it for just around $39 and get free shipping from Amazon.com.

Product Features

  • check
    Accurate measurement
  • check
    Custom entries and nutritional data for up to 2000 foods
  • check
    Convenient to clean and maintain
  • check
  • check
    Hygienic touch sensitive buttons
  • check
    Two-year warranty
  • check
    Every purchase helps the Global Orphan Project to take care of children in need

Runner-Up - Kitrics Digital Scale

Another highly versatile and multi-faceted kitchen scale, the Kitrics Scale serves as a wonderful addition to any home. Not only it is a scale, but it is also a calculator to offer accurate nutritional readings. The model is incredibly tough and boasts a stainless steel construction to ensure ultimate durability.

The product is a handy tool for weight watchers since it is designed to offer a precise breakdown of carbs, proteins, sodium, sugars, cholesterol, and calories.

Users can easily count their daily nutritional intake by using the model. Moreover, you can also store up to 99 of your food entries. The impressive database is engineered to hold almost 1999 preprogrammed foods.

If you have trouble analyzing content on packages and labels; this efficient product features a highly impressive display screen to display all data. It replicates a real food packaging label.

Values are offered for both saturated and total fat so you can easily differentiate between healthy and unhealthy foods. All values (except calorie counts) are in milligrams or grams. Users can easily get used to the model by following the instructions mentioned in the manual. 

Buyers who have purchased the Kitrics Nutrition Scale consider it a valuable purchase that’s worth every penny. Over 300 customers who have purchased the model from Amazon.com have given mostly positive reviews about the product. You can also buy it for just above $47 to benefit from this incredible food scale.

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

source: kitrics.com

Product Features

  • check
    Auto power off feature
  • check
    Offers information for 1999 foods
  • check
    Stores up 99 food code entries
  • check
    Engineered to weigh up to 2000 grams
  • check
    Functions on two AA batteries that come in the package

Alternative - EatSmart Food And Nutrient Calculator Scale

Another great alternative to consider when shopping for the best-rated kitchen scale is the EatSmart Food and Nutrient Calculator. This tough and accurate scale provides precise information to ensure that you always eat healthily.

The model is nothing like any conventional kitchen scale that only measures scale. Thanks to its calorie counting capabilities, it beats its rivals with intuitive features and an elegant display to serve as ultimate dietary assistance.

Now you can easily track your daily fiber, total and saturated fat, cholesterol, protein, calcium, Vitamin K, magnesium and sodium intake with the help of this efficient kitchen scale.

EatSmart kitchen scale.

source: fishpond.com

Another great feature of this device is that it features 999 pre-programmed foods, so you don't have to insert the nutritional data of the food you eat manually.

Just enter the code of the food you are eating, and you get all the nutritional information you need without any trouble.

This memory mode feature is a blessing when you eat the same food on a regular basis. By saving previous weight entries, you can save foods to help build your weight-loss program according to your personal bodily needs.

This model has everything you seek in a hi-tech and durable kitchen scale. People who like to use measuring bowls can benefit from the tare features to overlook the bowl’s weight.

People who have invested money into this useful kitchen food scale and calorie counter are extremely happy with its results. Over 500 customers have bought this scale from Amazon.com. You can also purchase it for just around $40 to make healthy eating choices.

Product Features

  • check
    Offers accurate results
  • check
    Designed to work with thousands of packaged and whole foods
  • check
    Auto power off function for saving battery life
  • check
    Stores up to 99 entries for weekly or daily tracking
  • check
    Capable of weighing up to 11 pounds
  • check
    Operates on 4AAA batteries included in the package
  • check
    Tare function
  • check
    2 Year Warranty     

Best Kitchen Scales

Winner - OXO Good Grips Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

If you are looking for an affordable yet a professional-grade kitchen scale, the OXO Good Grips Food Scale is a fine combo of functionality and durability. This model has a sophisticated pullout display that fits below the scale. Users can easily pull it out to view the results for larger items that cover the display.

Hence, this is a great model when you have to handle large amounts of ingredients or foods.

The model has secured rave reviews from both critics and users. It is considered as the best kitchen food scale for the price and is popular for its unconventional design and intuitive features. The model benefits from a slim design and users particularly like it for its pullout display.

Thanks to its compact design, you can easily store the tool when it is not in use. The stainless steel top adds to the durability of the model and makes it easy to clean and maintain.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

source: oxo.com

The scale offers results in fractions. This a great feature for users who are looking for ultimate accuracy. Most popular kitchen scales are built to give values without decimals.

The OXO Good Grips scale handles all measurements with the expertise to give you instant and clear values. It works with weights up to 11 pounds. If you are running a small bakery business or love to serve perfectly cooked meals to a large crowd; then the OXO Good Grips is the best kitchen food scale to choose.

Its efficient tare feature extends the amount of weight so you can remove the weight of the container or bowl that you are using.

Customers love the model for its intuitive features, compact design, easy storage capabilities and accurate results. This hugely popular device on Amazon.com received over 1300 customers. It holds a steady rating score and has received thousands of positive reviews from happy customers.

If you are looking for affordability and functionality, order the model today for just above $43 with free shipping.

Product Features

  • check
    Weight capacity up to 11 pounds
  • check
    Remarkable precision
  • check
    Incredible zero function
  • check
    Innovative display with optional backlight
  • check
    Compact design for easy storage
  • check
    Easy to wash with a removable stainless steel platform
  • check
    4 AAA batteries; included in the package

Runner-Up - EatSmart EES1011 Precision Elite Scale

Another great kitchen scale, the EatSmart Precision Elite has received high scores in most of today’s best kitchen scales reviews.

This incredible stainless steel model is simple to use. Thanks to tough construction, it offers maximum durability. Users love the model for its intuitive features and impressive calculating capabilities.

Since its stainless steel weighing platform is one of the largest platforms you are likely to come across in today’s most contemporary kitchen scales; users find it a highly functional product.

Moreover, it is also engineered to weight up to an impressive 15 pounds. Thanks to the model’s large backlit display and easy to read digits; you can easily view the display in all lighting conditions and at any angle.

The scale offers precise measurements in kilograms, grams, ounces, and pounds. You can also switch between units with just a push of a button.

The EatSmart EES1011 Precision Elite is one of the best kitchen scales for baking, cooking and healthy eating to have impressed users with its features and built.

EatSmart EES1011 Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale

source: fishpond.com

The weighing platform measures just above 65 square inches and comprises of tough stainless steel. Hence, it is easier to clean and maintain the model.

The kitchen scale is particularly helpful for cooking or baking enthusiasts who are fond of preparing a large feast to feed a hungry crowd. Its unbeatable weight capacity makes you easily weigh different ingredients for preparing scrumptious meals.

It also features the handy tare function, so you disregard the weight of a bowl or container. Thanks to this feature, you can easily weigh large amounts of liquids, salads or other ingredients that you must place in a bowl.

Customers are in love with the design and easy features of the model that are engineered to deliver a heavy-duty performance. Around 1,000 customers have purchased the product and consider it a great purchase. The model has received a fair share of positive reviews and continues to maintain a decent rating score on Amazon.

You can also enjoy a whopping discount of $37 when you purchase it from Amazon.com as the product is available for just around $33.

Product Features

  • check
    Impressive design with a stainless steel platform and extra-large lighted display
  • check
  • check
    Can weigh up to 15 pounds with matchless precision
  • check
    Tare feature for accurate findings
  • check
    A handy guide to offer portion control trips and calorie counting
  • check
    Comes with 4 AAA batteries

How To Buy The Right Kitchen Scale?

Many people consider baking and cooking more as a science than art. Since there is no room for making mistakes; the notion may just be true for professional or enthusiastic culinary chefs.

Of course, you can experiment with a few ingredients and add a dash or pinch to make a dish more interesting; but things can get complicated when it comes to preparing sophisticated recipes that require expertise.

This reason is why a kitchen scale is a great tool to ensure that there are no mistakes along the way. It is a handy tool to prepare mouth-watering meals in less time to boost productivity.

Since, the market features hundreds of kitchen scales that are available in a myriad of sizes and specifications; choosing a kitchen scale that is just right for your baking or cooking needs is a tricky task.

Some people intend to benefit from the calorie counting capabilities of a kitchen scale. This step is important for planning a healthy diet that revolves around mindful eating.

Different kitchen scales.

If you are tired of relying on measuring spoons and cups or calorie guides to know what’s best for your body; trust in a reliable and accurate kitchen scale to give instant results. The device is also great to cook recipes that are detailed using weights and not cups or spoons.

Before buying the best kitchen scale for baking, cooking or maintain a healthy diet; make sure you pay attention to the following factors.

Sensitivity And Capacity

One of the most important aspects that you must evaluate on a kitchen scale is its capacity. Your lifestyle and personal needs will help you to choose a model that offers just the appropriate capacity to weigh both large and small items. There are a few scales that are sensitive enough to weight up to 16 ounces such as lightweight items like nuts and spices.

There are also some scares that are engineered for more heavy-duty foods; up to 15 pounds. If you are looking forward to weighing items like whole poultry or large slabs of meat; choose a model accordingly.

Advanced Features

Today‘s digital scales are built to provide the best of features to ease a busy consumer’s life. These perks may include the tool’s ability to switch between measurement units and a tare function. A few hi-tech models also feature a baker’s timer and clock.

If you are looking for a model that doesn't just weigh an item but also gives you a detailed breakdown of all the nutrients in food; go for a model that is built to calculate and store your calories.

Container And Platform 

The platform size varies with each model. We recommend that you invest in a generous-sized platform, so you have enough room to weigh a variety of foods. Choosing a scale that has a container for holding the foods for weighing is also a great ideal. However, make sure it is removable for easy cleaning. 

Convenient Display

Make sure that the display of your desired kitchen scale is easy to read. A few models look and work great but fail to deliver the expected performance due to a poorly designed display. Opt for a large digital display so you can easily read all readings.


The design of a kitchen scale determines how easy it would be to store a model. Choose a simple but functional design that adds more to the look of your kitchen. There are many designs to choose from so you can easily find a model that is according to your aesthetic and storage needs.

Benefits Of Using Kitchen Scales

The right kitchen scale is a treat for anyone who likes to eat healthily, cook large meals or run a small eatery. This tool is great for adding ingredients without making any mistakes.

Thanks to digital kitchen scales that also serve as calorie counter; you can plan your daily or weekly diet with the help of smart features. Modern kitchen scales are engineered to measure the smallest of ingredients and also perform well to weigh heavier items.

If you value portion control and don’t want to go overboard with your calorie-intake, investing in a kitchen scale ensures that you are only eating what your body needs.

Now you can easily weight how much a chicken breast or a couple of carrots weigh. The best part is you can also track down the calories you are eating with every meal.


If you don’t pay attention to food and packaging labels; you have little idea of what’s going inside your body. A kitchen tool gives you all the info you need to know before munching on your favorite snacks. Moreover, a kitchen scale is also an influential device for weight watchers who plan on switching to healthier food options.

Kitchen scale on a counter with food.

Kitchen scales are no longer weight measuring devices. They are important tools that help you to eat healthily and keep tabs on your weight. The machine is a must-have addition to any professional's kitchen.

However, the tool has gained a fair share of popularity among common users who use it for calculating calories and making their diet plans. Discover what you can get out of life by getting hold of a reliable and accurate kitchen scale.

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